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These podcasts discuss topics related to science. Some of the podcasts analyze examples of bad science or deal with new discoveries that are still not accepted by mainstream science.

Podcast YD005:

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis provides a cohesive and comprehensive explanation for the megafaunal extinction 12,900 years ago. The presentation concludes with the Younger Dryas Rap by AZ Cool.

Podcast YD006:

This presentation examines the timing of the flow of water from Lake Agassiz through an eastward outlet by the St. Lawrence river and proposes that an extraterrestrial impact by the Great Lakes helped to open this path.

Podcast CR001:

A paper published in July 2021 used computer simulations to examine the effect of ice sheet thickness on the formation of the Hiawatha crater in Greenland. This presentation compares the results of the simulation with actual experimental impacts.

Podcast YD007:

This presentation proposes that Huron Lake may be the distorted crater of the long-sought Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact that occurred 12,900 years ago.

Podcast NI001:

This presentation discusses the relationship of the Niagara Escarpment and the Michigan Basin with regard to an extraterrestrial impact in the Saginaw Bay region.

Podcast CB012:

The time of emplacement of the Carolina Bays can be determined by identifying the conditions in the Earth's temperature record that would have met the requirements for the creation of the bays.

Podcast YD014:

This presentation examines the question of whether Saginaw Bay was covered with ice at the onset of the Younger Dryas and whether there is evidence of an extraterrestrial impact at that location.

Podcast EL001:

This presentation examines electrical phenomena and several aspects of the Electric Universe Theory promoted by Wallace Thornhill.

Podcast YD015:

This presentation examines the premise that the ice boulders ejected from the Laurentide Ice Sheet survived the reentry through the atmosphere without completely melting. An experiment estimates the amount of ice lost to ablation.

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