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These podcasts discuss topics related to science. Some of the podcasts analyze examples of bad science or deal with new discoveries that are still not accepted by mainstream science.

Podcast CB007:

The Carolina Bays are the most prevalent geological structures of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, but they are fragile sandy structures that are easily eroded. This presentation tries to determine if any Carolina Bays are at elevations of less than four meters above sea level.

Podcast CB008:

The perfect elliptical geometry of the Carolina Bays is a clue about the mechanism by which the bays were formed. A trail of evidence points toward an extraterrestrial impact that caused a mass extinction during the ice age.

Podcast EA002:

This presentation discusses plate tectonics and a book written by Charles Hapgood proposing that Hudson Bay was at the North Pole and that it shifted to its current position at the end of the Ice Age.

Podcast CB009:

This presentation questions whether the eolian-lacustrine hypothesis for the formation of the Carolina Bays is a scientific hypothesis.

Podcast VO001:

Mount Bromo is an active volcano in the Tengger mountains at an elevation of 2,329 meters above sea level in East Java, Indonesia. In spite of the danger of eruptions, it is the most visited tourist destination in East Java because it is a Hindu pilgrimage site.

Podcast GL001:

This presentation examines the possibility that some of the glacier ice projectiles that made the Carolina Bays could also have fallen on solid ground.

Podcast CB015:

This presentation examines the mechanism by which the Carolina Bays developed white sand rims. Experiments suggest that rainfall percolating for many centuries through the soil of the elevated rims strained out the clay leaving only the white sand.

Podcast CB016:

This presentation describes the scientific exploration of a small Carolina Bay to obtain soil samples for dating and forensic analysis.

Podcast SS002:

Review of the components of the Solar System to assess the likelyhood that the Earth will be impacted by a comet or asteroid in the near future.

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