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These podcasts discuss topics related to science. Some of the podcasts analyze examples of bad science or deal with new discoveries that are still not accepted by mainstream science.

Podcast SS003:

This presentation describes the characteristics of meteorites based on their chemical composition and their origin in the Solar System.

Podcast YD017:

New evidence in South America supports the hypothesis that multiple cosmic impacts triggered biomass burning, climate change and megafaunal extinctions 12,800 years ago.

Podcast YD018:

This presentation discusses the onset of the Younger Dryas and the conditions that caused it to last 1,300 years. Three different hypotheses are discussed.

Podcast YD019:

This presentation describes the effect that the Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact had on the Earth's atmosphere and how this affected the emplacement of the Carolina Bays.

Podcast CB017:

This presentation discusses a lacustrine hypothesis for the formation of the Carolina Bays that did not work and provides a historical context of various ideas about the formation of the bays.

Podcast CB018:

This presentation analyzes the direction of splash chevrons associated with the Carolina Bays to determine the direction of the wind during the emplacement of the Carolina Bays.

Podcast DN001:

Dinosaur Park in Laurel, Maryland serves as an outdoor laboratory where the public can work alongside paleontologists to help uncover the past by finding fossils from the Cretaceous Period.

Podcast IM002:

Mega-tsunamis produced by extraterrestrial impacts on the ocean create V-shaped dunes called chevrons that may be used to locate the crater of the impact.

Podcast TK001:

This presentation explains how spelling aid identifies misspelled words and provides correctly spelled candidates from a dictionary that can be used to replace the input word.

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The Neglected Carolina Bays

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