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These podcasts discuss topics related to science. Some of the podcasts analyze examples of bad science or deal with new discoveries that are still not accepted by mainstream science. Most of the podcasts are taken from the audio of my YouTube videos.

Podcast CB002:

The Carolina Bays are the most prevalent geological structures in the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Their origin has been shrouded in mystery since their discovery.

Podcast CB003:

Raymond Kaczorowski's 1977 thesis falsely claims that wind and water mechanisms produce elliptical features like the Carolina Bays.

Podcast TU001:

The Tunguska event was caused by a meteoroid explosion over Siberia on the morning of June 30, 1908. The airburst knocked down about 80 million trees in an area of 2000 square kilometers.

Podcast YD001:

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis proposes that one or more comet fragments impacted the Earth 12,900 years ago killing the megafauna and triggering a global cooling event that lasted 1300 years.

Podcast YC003:

A recent bottleneck in the genetic diversity of the human Y chromosome indicates that as recently as 6,000 years ago women outnumbered men by a ratio of 17 to 1.

Podcast CB010:

The creation of elliptical features on the surface of the earth requires the formation of inclined penetration funnels produced by oblique impacts on a plastic surface, followed by viscous relaxation to reduce the depth of the cavities.

Podcast YD010:

The evidence to support a hypothesis must be comprehensive in order to be able to reach a scientifically valid conclusion.

Podcast IM001:

Penetration funnels are impact craters that form when a projectile strikes a target and transfers its energy without disintegrating. This can only happen when the target material can be displaced by the moving projectile without generating forces that break up the projectile.

Podcast VR001:

This presentation discusses viral infections, viral structure and the relationship of viruses to the tree of life. A mathematical model is used to predict when a pandemic may diminish.

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The Neglected Carolina Bays

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