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Quotes from Dr. Carl G. Jung

Carl Gustav Jung was one of the great pioneers of modern psychiatry. He was born in 1865 in Switzerland, where he studied medicine and psychiatry and later became one of Sigmund Freud's early supporters and collaborators.

Eventually, Jung's view of the religious instinct in man led to theoretical disagreements and a personal break between the two famous psychiatrists. Dr. Jung practiced for many years in his native Zurich. He died in 1961 leaving a legacy of many books with insightful writings about the human mind. The quotes presented here from his book The Undiscovered Self contain many ideas that require deep contemplation.

What will the future bring? From time immemorial this question has occupied men's minds.

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In this book, Dr. Carl Jung urges us to stop thinking about the average man who is just a concept that does not really exist, and to concentrate on the individual who is a specific representative of humankind. Jung believes that thinking in generalities leads to a tyranny that is pervasive in our world today. We have to bring to light the true nature of the individual – the undiscovered self – who is the real man as opposed to the statistical man. Dr. Jung does not offer any easy solutions, but asserts that the recognition of good and evil in every individual and a true understanding of the inner self is the path toward a more stable society.

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