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Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Welcome to my physical fitness page. I have used my background in chemistry and medical technology to study scientific articles on metabolism and nutrition. I have also read many books by medical doctors, nutritionists, and bodybuilders to learn about diets and exercises that can improve your physique. I have applied this knowledge, and these pages summarize my findings. My goal is to provide enough scientific information to enable you to make good choices in your diet and exercise regimen.

Antonio Zamora  - Age 70
Antonio Zamora - Age 70

I hope to dispel some common myths created by advertisers and the mass media. For example, people generally know that protein is a necessary nutrient, but they are surprised to learn that fat is also necessary and that carbohydrates have not been shown to be essential for human health. The incessant promotion of fat-free products gives the general impression that fat is bad, but you seldom hear that more than half of our brain consists of fat and that the right balance of natural fats is necessary for good mental and cardiovascular health. Regrettably, the trans-fats in the artificially-created hydrogenated oils that are so prevalent in commercial food today can harm the brain and the heart. Another commonly believed myth is that exercise is a good way to lose weight, whereas a reduced-calorie diet with the right proportion of nutrients is much more effective.

 Yoga: Mayurasana Posture (the Peacock)
Yoga: Mayurasana Posture (the Peacock)

Yoga exercises and yoga poses strengthen the muscles, improve balance and increase flexibility of the joints. Yoga will make you focus your attention on the physical mechanics of your body. Through yoga you can improve your posture and increase your lung capacity. There are many varieties of yoga. Yoga can change your way of life because besides exercise, yoga is usually taught with the spiritual disciplines that originated in ancient India. Hatha yoga emerged as a prominent tradition of yoga during the 15th century. Hatha yoga concentrates on health and purity of the body. Yoga Sutras focus on discipline of the mind. The Sutras consists of a collection of rules, precepts or aphorisms that must be memorized. The aphorisms are generally concise statements containing subjective truths or observations that are cleverly written.

The physical effort and the mental concentration required by yoga can be used as a technique for relaxation. It may seem counterintuitive that exercise which requires effort could provide relaxation, but the improved circulation and the endorphins released by the brain during exercise can result in mood improvements. Regular practice is required to achieve the benefits of yoga. After a month of daily half-hour sessions you should be able to feel some positive changes. Build up your strength before you try advanced poses and do not attempt poses that cause you pain. Always remember that you are trying to improve your body, not harm it.

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