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How to Develop Your Psychic Potential

Have you ever made a decision based on a "gut feeling" which later turned out to be right? What some people call intuition others may call psychic ability. These leaps of intuition depend on events and circumstances that are not reproducible and remain outside the domain of science so that they cannot be tested by the scientific method. Scientists consider claims of psychic or paranormal abilities as "pseudo-science" or psychological delusions. Anecdotal evidence of successful outcomes for gut feelings are considered mere coincidences.

She can tell without Caller ID

A study by the University of British Columbia demonstrated that persons with a particular genetic mutation (ADRA2B) have altered perceptual awareness that contributes to individual differences in the emotional subjectivity of perception.[1]  While this study does not prove the existence of psychic abilities, it provides some support for the general notion that there are people who may have a sixth sense or the 'third eye' which is an ability derived from our survival instinct. The capability to sense an impending attack or other danger before it occurred was a vital aspect of our evolutionary history.

Early man had to face daily threats from wild animals, rival tribes and inhospitable conditions. It was necessary to anticipate trouble in order to have some chance of long-term survival. Every human being is born with instinctive capabilities which are our physical reflexes. Humans no longer face mortal threats on a daily basis, and many of our previously automatic skills have become dormant. Many people either don't believe in psychic ability or they think they don't have it, but in reality they only pay less attention to their surroundings and they have forgotten how to use the full extent of their innate capabilities. If people would just stop looking at their cell phones they would have a greater awareness of the world around them.

Benefits of Using your Intuition. Re-discovering your innate psychic power is easier than you think and could alter the way you live your life for the better.

An unpublished study conducted in 1998 by research psychologist Dr. Victor Shamas and his colleague Amanda Dawson from the University of Arizona followed 100 expectant mothers at the Birth and Women's Health Center in Tucson, Arizona for two years to see if pregnant woman could use their intuition to predict the sex of their new babies.[3]  Seventy percent of the mothers in the study successfully predicted the sex of their child based only on their intuition.

The possibilities are endless when you are open to exploring this part of your psyche. Once you learn to rely on your 'higher self' you may wonder how on earth you managed without your sixth sense!

Different Aspects of the Sixth Sense. When we get a song stuck in our head and we cannot stop thinking of it, we realize that the human mind is a complex structure that is not always under our control. Our subconscious mind can evoke visions, feelings and sounds that may appear as real to us as an external stimulus. There are varied facets of the sixth sense. Some people develop all of them and others may only develop one or two. In paranormal parlance these are known as:

Clairvoyance – the ability to see images or 'visions' that are thought to be spiritual in nature. Clairvoyant visions can be seen in dreams and while awake. Clairvoyant imagery is the same as the imagery we experience in dreams but in a person who has fine-tuned their perceptive skills, it is possible to see these images while fully conscious or in a relaxed state. Relaxation or meditation brings about an altered form of consciousness that allows individuals to tap into their higher knowledge more easily. If you are religious or 'spiritual' you could use this skill to see images in answer to prayer.

Clairsentience – the ability to psychically 'feel', such as feeling that you are being watched and then realizing there's someone behind you. Clairsentience may be triggered by a change of temperature, a taste or a smell. Your reaction can feel like a chill even on a hot day. Feeling shivery across your shoulders, having hair prickle on the back of your neck or feeling as if someone has touched you can all be interpreted as signs of a spiritual presence or in the case of being watched, extra-sensory perception.

Clairaudience – is the ability to psychically 'hear' something. Hearing voices is a common human experience. Don't panic! Not all voices are hallucinations or caused by mental illness. Many people with heightened perception interpret these inner voices as spiritual messages, and others go as far as to say that these inexplicable thoughts are evidence of life after death. (The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death). People who are haunted by inner voices sometimes seek medical help through psychiatric treatment and at other times they may seek the help of psychic advisors.

Getting Started
If you are skeptical about being able to increase your psychic potential, just remember that the word "psychic" is an adjective relating to the psyche or the mind. By improving awareness of your surroundings and by using your analytical skills you can improve your mind and your life even without any paranormal abilities. Our society identifies geniuses and prophets by their ability to visualize or imagine what the majority of people do not see. If you strive to be above average your abilities will be noticed.

Learn the Science and Take the Test - The first step to enhance your psychic ability is to learn the scientific foundation of the biology of the human sense organs. You can do this by reading the Scientific Psychic Workbook. The workbook takes a skeptical approach to paranormal abilities that emphasizes reliance on observation and logic. The workbook includes personality analysis exercises that will test your attention to detail and your ability to analyze situations. In addition, take the Extrasensory Perception Test at least 5 times to calculate the statistical significance of your psychic ability.

Take the ESP test zener test

Keep a Dream Diary – To learn more about your mind and your thoughts keep a dream diary. We all dream whether we remember or not. Dreams have several functions. They balance us out emotionally by helping us confront fears and worries or giving us pleasantries when we are going through a bad time, they assist the brain in deciphering all the information it has been presented with during the day and they keep us in touch with our spiritual side. Some people believe that spirit people visit in dreams and can convey messages to us in our sleep. If you've lost a friend or relative and they keep appearing in your dreams, it may not just be a manifestation of grief. If you keep a dream journal you can keep a record of all these dream encounters. If you can never remember your dreams, don't worry, the art of writing them down when you do remember will help to sharpen your memory and your psychic skill. There's also a very simple method of encouraging recall. Just tell yourself before you go to sleep that you will remember your dream and keep repeating this every night – even if it doesn't work the first time – the brain is receptive to commands and after a few affirmations you will probably be able to remember your dreams every night. Keep your journal and a pen next to your bed so you can write things down immediately upon waking, as some dream memories are lost in the first few minutes after rousing. Incorporating your dream state as another part of your life will usually open the flood gates to clairaudience and other senses.

Pay Attention to Signposts – Signposts are coincidences that pop up in your life or sometimes they are literal signs. For instance, if you keep seeing 'stop' signs everywhere you look, it's probably a warning that you shouldn't go down the path you're planning. If you keep singing the same song even when you don't like it, listen to its lyrics. They probably contain a message that is important to you. Signposts are everywhere and are there to guide us. Realizing they are there is key in developing your intuition.

Don't Use Drugs or Alcohol – The human brain has evolved over millennia into a fine-tuned organ that makes it possible for humans to control the world. These powerful mental abilities quickly disappear when drugs or alcohol are used. Drugs are harmful to your health and your brain. Designer drugs and legal highs are even worse because so little is known about their safety. You could mistake a drug 'high' for a spiritual message. Hallucinogens like peyote and LSD interfere with neurotransmitters in the brain and can have long-term effects on learning and memory.[4]  You should rely on your innate intuition and not on the side-effects of a drug. Likewise, if you have depression you should defer opening up your psyche until you have been successfully treated because people with depression can sometimes see or hear negative messages.

Meditate – Enhance your psychic skills by having a few minutes of meditation every day – this will help you relax and see clairvoyant images more clearly. You can meditate in whichever way is best for you – by lighting candles, quiet prayer and reflection, listening to calming music – whatever works for you. Some people burn frankincense which is thought to stimulate the sixth sense. Use a Dream Dictionary – If you start seeing images, you can use a dream dictionary to interpret their meaning. This can help you in your own life or assist you in giving readings to others. It should only be taken as a rough guide because everyone translates images according to their life experiences and culture so you should also learn what the symbolism means to you.

Try an Open Circle – An open circle is a workshop, usually run by a spiritualist church, that helps people who want to develop their sixth sense. The workshops may include beginners through seasoned 'mediums' and practice every week or a couple of times a month. In these groups, you can practice with others who have similar interests. Since it is a learning environment, you don't need to be embarrassed or worry about making mistakes. When you start to participate in a new group be aware that some people may try to take advantage of your inexperience by encouraging you to make financial commitments. Trust your instincts. If something doesn't seem right, don't do it. Life will offer you many other opportunities.

warning A Word of Caution: Modern society considers the hearing of voices and the perception of visions as symptoms of mental disorder. In ancient times persons experiencing these phenomena might have received great consideration as sages or oracles, but today they are ridiculed for being abnormal or wacky. It is advisable to talk about these topics only with trustworthy like-minded persons.


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Content contributed by Jenni Duxbury, May 2, 2014

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