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Extrasensory Perception Test
(ESP Test)

In the 1930's, J. B. Rhine and Karl Zener from the Duke University Psychology Department designed a deck of 25 cards to test for ESP. The deck consisted of five cards of each symbol: Star, Circle, Wave, Square, and Cross. This on-line test simulates the experiments by using only 10 cards selected using a random number generator.

These are the cards that you have to guess.

These are the choices that you make.

Click on these symbols to indicate your choices.


Test Description

Since there are only 5 different symbols, the chance of guessing any one card is 1/5 (20%). On average, you should be able to guess two symbols for the 10 cards displayed. The significance level is calculated using a two-tailed statistical t Test. The term "not significant" means that the results do not differ substantially from what would be expected by chance.

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