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The Zamora Penthouse

The Kenwood Condominium is located at 5101 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20816. The building has a lobby staffed 24 hours a day, controlled-access underground parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a well-equipped exercise room. Metrobus T2 and Ride-on Bus #23 stop in front of the building. The Kenwood is one mile from the Friendship Heights Metro station and 1.4 miles from the numerous restaurants of central Bethesda that can be reached by walking along the Capital Crescent Trail located 200 yards from the building.

The Kenwood Condominium

Within half a mile of the Kenwood, there are three shopping centers with a variety of grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, bookstores, and automobile services. If you look carefully at the picture, you will notice a penthouse on top of the building. The penthouse is the only apartment that consists of two levels and has an indoor floor area of 2007 square feet (186 square meters).

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Main Floor
The main floor of the penthouse has two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and a balcony.

Upper Level
The upper level, which is what you see on top of the building, consists of a glass-enclosed "Sky Room", a kitchen, a full bathroom, and a roof-top terrace. The roof-top terrace has an area of 790 square feet (73 square meters)
see-through view
This is a see-through view of the two floors of the penthouse.

View from Foyer
As we enter the apartment and stand in the foyer, we can see the living room and, to the left, the stairs to the upper level.
View from Foyer

View of the foyer from the Living Room
This is the view of the foyer from the middle of the living room.

View of North wall of Living Room
As we look to the right we see the north wall of the living room. Notice the hallway door that leads to the bedrooms.

North wall of Living Room
Detailed view of the north wall of the living room.

East wall of Living Room
The east wall of the living room consists of two panoramic sliding doors with access to a large balcony.

This is my niece Marci Rivera in the balcony. From the balcony you can see the fountain in the garden rotunda of the Kenwood Condominium grounds, as well as Little Falls Parkway, River Road, and a skyline view of the municipalities of Somerset, Chevy Chase, and Washington, D.C.

Cold Sunrise
Icicles hang from the roof of the balcony on a very cold winter morning.

Dining Room
The dining room as seen from the middle of the living room is reflected in the mirror wall.

South wall of Living Room
The south wall of the living room is adjacent to the foyer.

Kitchen viewed from Foyer

Kitchen viewed from the foyer. The kitchen has a counter top that can be used for serving informal meals. A dishwasher, range with oven, and microwave are built-in.

Kitchen viewed from Dining Room
Kitchen viewed from dining room. The far door is a pantry.

Renovated Kitchen Renovated Kitchen
The Kitchen was remodeled in 2008 with new appliances, granite countertop,
marble floors, and ceramic tile backsplash.

Hallway Bathroom
The hallway bathroom has a bathtub.

Office west wall
Across from the hallway bathroom is the second bedroom which is currently used as an office. This is the west wall of the office.

Office north wall
The north wall of the office has a window overlooking the outdoor swimming pool.

Office east wall
This is a partial view of the east wall of the office.

Office east wall
View of the east wall of the office. Notice the bathroom across the hallway through the door.
To the right of the door there is a large walk-in closet.

West wall of Master Bedroom
View of the west wall of the master bedroom.

North wall of Master Bedroom
North wall of the master bedroom.

East wall of Master Bedroom
East wall of master bedroom. The window overlooks Little Falls Parkway.

South wall of Master Bedroom
The south wall of the master bedroom has doors to a spacious walk-in closet and the bathroom.

Master Bedroom bathroom
The master bedroom bathroom has a shower stall.

Spiral stairs viewed from Sky Room
The spiral staircase viewed from the Sky Room.

Northwest corner of the Sky Room
This is the northwest corner of the Sky Room. The sofa is on the West wall and the handrails of the spiral staircase are visible.

North wall of Sky Room
The north wall of the Sky Room.

North wall of Sky Room at night
North wall of the Sky Room at night. The ten-foot-high ceilings make the 60-inch TV appear small.
The upper part of the windows is accentuated by miniature lights.

Bethesda at Night
Bethesda glistens with an eerie glow when the moon is full.

Bethesda, Maryland is a community bordering Washington, D.C. with about 61,000 inhabitants. Its name is derived from a local church, the Bethesda Meeting House which was built in 1820. In Aramaic, beth hesda means "House of Mercy" and in Hebrew, beit hesed means "House of Kindness".

East wall of Sky Room
The Somerset and Chevy Chase skyline dominates the east wall of the Sky Room.

South wall of Sky Room
The south wall of the Sky Room has a door that leads to the rooftop terrace.

View of the Sky Room kitchen
View of the kitchen from the middle of the Sky Room.

Penthouse kitchen
The Sky Room kitchen has a range and dishwasher built-in.
The door in the background opens into a utility closet that has air conditioning equipment.

Penthouse kitchen
The Sky Room kitchen has a bar that can be used to serve drinks.

Penthouse kitchen 2008
The Penthouse Kitchen was remodeled in 2008 with a new dishwasher,
an enameled sink, ceramic tile backsplash, and marble floor.

Penthouse bathroom
The bathroom of the Sky Room has a large shower stall. A large walk-in storage closet is adjacent to the bathroom.

Looking north
This is a view of the rooftop terrace, looking toward the north.

Looking south
This is the view from the north end of the terrace looking toward the south.
The misty hills in the background are in Arlington, Virginia.

Looking north
The table on the north side of the rooftop terrace has a good view of the Bethesda skyline.

North rooftop terrace
The north part of the rooftop terrace is very ample. The outline of the Washington Cathedral can be seen in the background.

Sunrise over Chevy Chase
The unobstructed view from the rooftop terrace provides spectacular kaleidoscopic views of Chevy Chase at sunrise.

Bethesda in the Autumn, Nov. 2, 2008
Colorful Autumn Splendor

Foggy Morning - Dec. 1, 2001
Above the fog on a cold autumn morning.

Snowy day - Jan. 12, 2006
Snowy winter morning.

Hawk - January 25, 2014
Occasionally, birds of prey perch on the handrails or ledges of the penthouse.
This hawk is on the lookout for squirrels and rabbits during a cold winter day.

Lightning strikes Bethesda - Aug. 27, 2003
Powerful thunderstorm strikes Bethesda.

Another Gorgeous Sunrise
Magnificent sunrise panorama.

Rainbow over Somerset - May 30, 2003
Afternoon showers bring a rainbow to our neighborhood.

This is "Playboy", a bunny that visits our grounds from time to time.
Deer also come around in the early dawn.

Sun rays April 22, 2008
Rays of sunshine illuminate Bethesda.

Washington Cathedral at Sunset
Washington Cathedral at Sunset

Sunrise over the Cathedral
View of the Washington Cathedral at sunrise. On the fourth of July you can see the fireworks in Washington D.C. bursting beyond the cathedral. You can also see fireworks in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Tysons Corner, and Arlington.

Fireworks in Washington, DC

Fireworks 06/25/2011
Fireworks from the Kenwood Country Club illuminate the neighborhood.
Some fireworks in Bethesda are scheduled one day before the fireworks in the National Mall.
This enables residents to have two days of celebration.

Panoramic View

Click here to see a panoramic view from the rooftop terrace.

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