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Drug Rehab Program

Admitting that one has a prescription drug addiction takes great courage. It even takes more courage to awaken to the fact that a drug rehab program provides the cornerstone to beat the addiction and start living again. Percoset, oxycontin or vicodin may have been a short-term answer to intense pain caused by an illness or an injury. Many people find that they cannot stop using these habit-forming drugs after their injuries have healed. There is no greater anguish than the mental, spiritual and physical pain caused by an addiction. Rehabilitation clinics that take a holistic approach to the central and individual causes of each chemical dependency have a high success rate in helping addicts to recover and rehabilitate.


A one-on-one drug rehab center for residents with therapists of varied expertise in different disciplines is the key to the extremely high success rate. Clients experience over 70 of these sessions each month, in most cases, varying from psychotherapy, to hypnotherapy to chemical dependency counseling. Additionally, patients may participate in therapies that include music, art, yoga, physical training, massage or bodywork, life purpose counseling, acupuncture, and many other therapy sessions that are customized for him or her.

The drug detox and subsequent treatment for any drug dependency has a focus on discovering and healing the causes of the addiction. Long-term recovery through rehabilitation from addiction to percoset, oxycontin, or vicodin is the ultimate goal of the drug rehab program, and it can be achieved! The body, mind, as well as the spirit are treated at modern, serene facilities at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. To learn more about these ground-breaking treatment programs, and to learn more about the facilities, go to a drug rehabilitation web site.

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