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Alcohol Treatment Center

When it becomes obvious that an alcohol treatment program is required, it is important to take immediate action. How can you find the right treatment that will increase the chance of a successful rehabilitation? These are not decisions to be made lightly. The wrong decision could cost you your life, or the life of a loved one. Giving some serious thought to the importance of choosing the right alcohol treatment center must be the first order of business. This may not be as easy as it sounds. Alcohol detoxification can be traumatic and dangerous unless treated by qualified professionals. The treatment for alcohol abuse should only be done under an expert's supervision.

alcohol detoxification

Alcohol withdrawal can produce delirium tremens -- a condition with symptoms that include hallucinations, tremors, and seizures. This can be a life-threatening condition during alcohol rehab. For this reason, an alcohol treatment program should only be performed under a physician's direct care in a facility that has access to the necessary medical equipment.

Qualified rehabilitation clinics have an alcohol detox center as well as alcohol rehab centers. Detoxification is the first phase of treatment for alcoholism where the body is cleansed from alcohol and its metabolites using the highest quality, cutting edge alcohol detox technology from a medical perspective. Rehabilitation is the process of overcoming the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol. Rehabilitation requires a facility where the patient can be monitored closely and provided with the incentives and support needed to make a full recovery. This process cannot be made in a cookie-cutter fashion. Each patient has to be individually treated to re-establish positive social links while avoiding the stressors and influences that led to alcoholism.

Medical follow up such as blood chemistry analysis can be used to identify the central causes of physical contributors to the use of alcohol and drugs. Afflictions, such as depression, very often lead to a desire to self-medicate, and frequently result in unexpected drug dependencies. Depression can sometimes be linked to a gland disorder known as endocrine gland hypofunction. Some nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar irregularities, food allergies, or even systemic yeast infection can also trigger depression. Successful substance abuse treatment requires a comprehensive set of medical tests to identify and eliminate organic, rather than psychological causes of addiction.

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