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Cocaine rehabilitation clinics

Each year, approximately 1.2 million pounds of cocaine enter the United States. Cocaine from South America comes to Mexico by boat over the Pacific Ocean and then it is distributed by land across the border. Sales of cocaine provide funds for the activities of criminal gangs in Mexican and Columbian drug cartels. After marijuana, cocaine is the second-most-used illegal drug in the United States. More than 36 million people have tried it at least once. Cocaine is highly addictive and those who try it soon find out that it is very hard to stop using it.

cocaine addiction

Drug rehabilitation clinics take different approaches to the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. Clinics that have been established by recovered addicts sometimes develop rehabilitation programs based on their first-hand experience with other facilities and programs. Their philosophy may involve treatment of both the inner and outer self and many different treatment components such as psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling, physical training, music and arts therapy, and other psychological and social support mechanisms needed by each individual. Rehabilitation clinics offer a variety of treatment programs such as cocaine rehab and detox, treatment for alcoholism, and the treatment of opiate addiction, among many others. If you're one of those asking the question, "how much does rehab cost?", you should know that the cost depends on the type of rehab center that was chosen.

Rehabilitation clinics that offer comprehensive treatment, addressing both the physical symptoms of addiction as well as the source of such behavior, have a large percentage of clients that experience a successful rehab recovery. This success rate is greatly attributed to the customized, individual programs that are developed based on each client's needs and the large number of one-on-one therapy sessions that the client receives during the course of treatment. Most rehab clinics require all clients to attend group sessions, but specialized clinics place much emphasis on private counseling where the entire session, rather than just a few minutes, focus on the needs of each individual client.

If you are seeking a high quality drug rehab center for yourself or for a loved one, there are rehabilitation clinics that have everything that you desire. Some rehabilitation clinics start by trying to get the clients to do menial household chores. Other clinics consider physical tasks demeaning and prefer to build a person's self esteem and sense of self-worth without making them do manual work. You can research the services provided by rehabilitation clinics or call substance abuse help lines to learn more about innovative and successful approaches to rehab.

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