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How to find the best online psychic

(and avoid fake ones)

Many people appreciate the importance and value of the insights that psychic readings provide, but others are left with a bad impression, perhaps from an experience with a scam artist who took their money and did not provide a useful service. A reputable psychic should actually provide guidance and advice in difficult situations to enable a person to face the future with greater confidence.

That is why we need to be very cautious in choosing who does our readings so we can avoid getting scammed. Finding an online psychic is specially challenging since the interaction is not face-to-face. This page lists the characteristics of a good online psychic. Consider this checklist when you find yourself wanting to get an online psychic reading so you can be assured that you will definitely get your money's worth.

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Tarot Cards

Good psychics know how to make a good connection.
A good psychic should be able to create a good connection early into the conversation. If your psychic has not given you any valuable and clear information, and 20 minutes has already passed, chances are you are being scammed. The great psychics of today are known to radiate comfort and confidence. When you are in the presence of a legitimate psychic, you will feel very comfortable to tell him or her anything in your mind as if you are talking to a long-lost friend.

Good psychics do not impose their beliefs on you.
Since psychics can get a glance of your future, see any possible misfortune or harm, they practice utmost sensitivity in delivering news. They carefully tell you what they have seen, choose the best words to describe them, and never force you to do this or that. A good psychic would lay out a list of recommendations to avoid these things, but in the end, leave the decision up to you and your free will. They recommend, but they do not force. Too much assertiveness can also be a sign of a scam artist. As these people do not and cannot really see anything, they can get too frustrated.

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Good psychics are positive.
The best online psychics do not dwell on negative things. When psychics tell you positive things, they do not necessarily tell you what you just wanted to hear. It only means that they know how to tell you the truth in the right way, so that when you leave the room, you will definitely feel good. While negative messages are inescapable in psychic readings, a good psychic reader would make you feel that you are not alone in this. They boost your confidence, offer guidance, and reassure you that you can do it. Their voices are usually soothing and soft so they do not sound judgmental.

Good psychics are honest.
A fake online psychic would tell you two minutes into the session that you will win the lottery tomorrow. Good online psychics do not make false assumptions. They do not hastily tell you things just to make you feel good. If your question is something that they cannot see and answer, a good psychic would tell you so. They would never fabricate anything just for the sake of answering your query.

This is how you can spot a fake psychic then. A fake one will not let you ask any question first as they never like to be tested. Usually, fake psychics will ask for your date of birth, sign, country of residence, educational background, etc., so they can tell if you are from the upper class or not, and make false assumptions from there.

Good psychics do not promise anything.
Psychic readings, as a whole, can and should only be taken as some form of guidance. Good psychic readers do not promise you anything. They would not promise that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend would get back together. They would not promise you that you will win a certain contest or get the job you have been waiting for so long. Scam artists will tell you that you or your loved ones are cursed and then offer to remove the curses or hexes for a fee. This is purely a manipulation as it is sometimes easy to get money from someone especially if you involve their loved ones. Do not take the bait.

Good psychics do not ask too many questions.
Good psychics are more interested to answer your questions. They do not ask too many questions as this is a sign of a scam artist. Fake psychics ask too many questions so they can make lucky guesses. If you would like to get a reading, online or not, it is best that you do not give away too much information about yourself. Do not wear designer clothes, as this can mean that you are well-off. Refrain from wearing jewelry, as well. Have you recently had a reading? How was your experience?

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