How to make an Albert Einstein head from a mango seed

Ripe mangos are sweet, juicy and delicious.  Sometimes you cannot stop sucking on the seed to get every bit of pulp.  When all the pulp is gone, you are left with a hairy seed that is perfect for making doll heads. You can draw facial features with a pen, or cut out faces from magazines and paste them on the seeds.  Mango seed dolls have real hair that you can comb and trim.  Here is a step-by-step guide for making mango seed doll heads.

Eat the mango and remove all the pulp from the seed.  Let it dry and comb the hair from time-to-time as it dries to prevent the hair from matting.  This is the way the mango seed looks after combing.
Cut out a picture of your favorite rock star or scientist.  Make sure the size of the face is approximately the size of the seed.  Paste the picture on the mango seed and comb the hair in a suitable style.  For Einstein we leave the hair a little bit wild.

Here is the finished Einstein head at a party with several clowns.

You can make a two-faced doll by gluing another face to the back side of Albert Einstein.  Since the mango hair is nice and blond we can choose a picture of Marilyn Monroe, but it looks like she had a bad hair day.