Android phone turns on by itself

Android Pro phone

I have been using an Android Pro phone for about one year.  It is a good smart phone that lets me access e-mail and the Internet easily.  The phone can play music, take pictures, and I have also used it tethered to a laptop to get Internet connectivity in places without WiFi hotspots, but I have three basic complaints:

1) The phone is slow to respond to the input from the touch screen. This is particularly noticeable soon after I have turned on the phone.  This is a major problem for a device whose main function is to make telephone calls.  This deficiency is inherited from the operating systems that run our computers.  Many times I have clicked on a window to try to stop a process only to be ignored by the computer.  I click, and click, and click, but the computer is too busy with its internal processing to pay attention to my commands.  Today’s operating systems are not designed to be smart enough to give priority to human commands over other processes that may be running on the computer.

2) The reflectivity of the glass makes it impossible to read the screen in bright sunlight.  Sometimes, I just put the phone back in my pocket and wait to use it when I am indoors.  This is the same as not having a phone.  Cupping the hand to shade the screen can help to read the screen, but then you only have one hand free to enter numbers or other information.  I wish that phones could activate a high contrast screen like the E Ink display of the Kindle DC book reader so that it could be read in bright sunlight.  You could then use the back-lit LCD screen at night and the E Ink screen in the daytime.

3) The Android phone turns on by itself.  There are various online groups and bulletin boards that have discussions about this problem but they don’t offer any real solutions. Approximately three or four minutes after I turn off the phone, it turns on again by itself.  One time, I found that my phone battery was completely discharged because the phone had turned itself on and spent all its energy trying to get a signal.  After I turn off the phone a second time it generally stays off, but not always.  The purpose of turning off the phone is to conserve the battery, but if the “power off” command does not really turn off the phone, what is its purpose and what is it doing?   We can be a little paranoid and imagine that the phone is turned on by Google or some government agency that is secretly tracking our location and using the phone’s microphone to eavesdrop on our conversations clandestinely.  More likely, it is just a software bug or a hardware problem and not some secret Big Brother plot, but my phone turns on by itself so frequently without my authorization that I now take out the battery after I power off.  This shows the phone who is the boss.