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Poker game

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Free Poker Card Game

In this poker game, you start out with 100 credits. You can bet 5 credits by pressing the BET 5 button. Increase the bet by pressing the button again up to the maximum number of credits that you have. After betting, press the CONTINUE button to reveal the cards. Click any number of cards to discard them and replace them to try to get a better hand, then press CONTINUE once more to see the result. The payouts are listed in the table below. If you lose all your points, you get to start over without having to worry about losing any real cash. Enjoy!

Royal Flush1 : 2500
Straight Flush1 : 250
Four of a kind1 : 100
Full House1 : 50
Flush1 : 20
Straight1 : 15
Three of a kind1 : 4
Two pairs1 : 3
Pair of Jacks or better 1 : 2

Poker is one of the most popular table games. This free card game will give you an idea of the game, but you won't lose real money so that you can sleep at night!

The game of poker originated during the early 19th century. The unique features of poker involve betting depending on the ranking of the cards. Poker was played on the steamboats that traveled along the Mississippi River in the 1800s. The popularity of poker increased with the development of commercial gambling. Many of the works of Mark Twain deal with life on the Mississippi River. Twain himself worked as a riverboat pilot for a few years.

There are many books to calculate the probabilities of card sequences to increase the odds of winning. Instead of risking money on poker, you could benefit more from investing in stocks.

The ranking of the poker hands is based on the probability of dealing such a combination from a well-shuffled deck. The following table shows the ranking of five-card hands:

straight flush
Straight Flush. Five consecutive cards in the same suit. A straight flush with an ace as the highest card is called a "Royal Flush".

four of a kind
Four of a kind. Four equal cards.

full house
Full House. Three of a kind plus one pair.

Flush. Five cards of the same suit.

straight hand
Straight. Five cards in sequence, but not in the same suit.

three of a kind
Three of a kind. Three equal cards.

two pairs
Two pairs. Two pairs of equal cards.

one pair
One pair. One pair of equal cards.

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