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World-Famous Chefs

The majority of well-known chefs became famous through television programs or by writing books. Julia Child is an example of a famous chef that gained notoriety by writing a best-selling cookbook and later hosting a cooking show.

Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pépin is one of best known chefs, cooking teachers, and cookbook authors. He has appeared on PBS in several television cooking shows, including Jacques Pépin Celebrates and Fast Food My Way with his daughter Claudine and occasionally with his wife, Gloria. Pépin's many cookbooks include Happy Cooking, Simple and Healthy Cooking, The Short-Cut Cook, A French Chef Cooks at Home, La Technique, La Méthode, as well as a joint book with Julia Child, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home.

Jacques Pépin 
Jack Pepin

The photograph of Jaques Pépin was taken at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in Bethesda while he was promoting his book "Jaques Pépin Celebrates". On television, Jaques is very businesslike and focused on food preparation. In person, he is warm, friendly, and displays wit and humor. After a short introduction, he took questions from the audience. When asked how he got along with his wife in the kitchen. He said: "It is very simple. When we disagree, I do what she wants. When we agree, I get to do what I want."

Josephine and Wolfgang Puck 
Josephine and Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck Restaurant
Restaurant in Atlantic City

Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck was born in Austria and started his formal cooking training in his early teen years. He received an apprenticeship at L'Oustau de Baumaniere in Provence and worked as a chef in many French restaurants and hotels in Paris. Wolfgang Puck is a television chef and author of cookbooks such as Wolfgang Puck Adventures in the Kitchen, and The Wolfgang Puck Cookbook: Recipes from Spago. He is the owner of Spago Hollywood on the Sunset Strip, which is a favorite dining spot for many Hollywood stars. Wolfgang Puck's recipes are simple and easy to follow. I was very fortunate to have a chance to meet with him personally when he was in the Washington, D.C. area. Wolgang Puck also has a restaurant in the Borgata Casino Hotel and Spa in Atlantic City.

Julia Child 

Julia Child
Julia Child (1912-2004) attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school after World War 2. In 1961 she wrote a 734-page book Mastering the Art of French Cooking which became a best-seller. Julia introduced French cuisine and cooking techniques to the American public in television programs, such as The French Chef which premiered in 1963. The 2009 film Julie & Julia was adapted from Child's memoir My Life in France and from Julie Powell's book, Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. Julie's book started from a popular blog where Julie attempted to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's book. Meryl Streep plays Child in the film. The movie has renewed interest in Julia Child's books.

Bobby Flay 
Bobby Flay
 Bobby Flay Steakhouse - Atlantic City

Bobby Flay
Although a native of New York, Bobby Flay has a passion for southwestern cuisine. He has many cooking credentials and has received many awards for his creative dishes. Bobby is the author of several books including Bobby Flay's Bold American Food and Bobby Flay's Grill It!. He has gained a lot of notoriety and public exposure from the Food Network's program "THROWDOWN! with Bobby Flay" which features him challenging award-winning cooks, BBQers, bakers, and pizza makers. One of his steakhouse restaurants is located next to the slot machines in the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey
British chef Gordon Ramsey is known in every household through television shows such as "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares". The Hell's Kitchen show is set up as a contest in which the winner gets to be the owner of a high-class restaurant. The Hell's Kitchen episodes portray a tough chef teaching aspiring apprentices how to cope with the challenges of buying ingredients and preparing tasty food while meeting the time constraints of restaurant patrons. Ramsey's exasperation and fiery personality are often expressed as curses which are bleeped for the TV audience. In the Kitchen Nightmares show, chef Ramsey finds restaurants which are on the brink of failure and rescues them by teaching the owner and the staff the basics of fresh food, good recipes, attractive food presentation, pleasant dining atmosphere, promotional advertisement, and financial management. The emphasis of the Kitchen Nightmares show is to teach restaurant owners how to run a successful business. In the process, Ramsey redecorates the restaurants, puts new signs, teaches the chefs the importance of sanitation and freshness, provides incentives for the staff to increase sales, and makes the owners focus on the details of management.


John A. Moeller II
John Moeller worked in France for several years after finishing his culinary studies in the United States. Subsequently, he became White House assistant chef, and prepared food under Democratic and Republican administrations. He served President George Bush senior, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. He recalls how President George W. Bush liked his shrimp fried rice. The picture on the right shows John coloring 7,000 easter eggs at the White House on April 13, 2001. John currently works as a personal chef and caters special events. He is looking forward to opening his own restaurant.

Other famous chefs:

Emeril Lagasse Emeril Lagasse
Expert in Louisiana cuisine with an extra kick. Bam!
Mario Batali Mario Batali
Iron Chef specialist in Italian dishes.
Paula Deen Paula Deen
Delicious southern home cooking.
Rachel Ray Rachael Ray
Travels the world to find inexpensive and tasty dishes.
Jacques Torres Jacques Torres
Great confectioner. Nobody does chocolate better.


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